Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will there be an Office package for iPad?

Leaked image of Microsoft App for iPad
Pic courtesy of The Daily 

There’s a big rumor on web about yet to be released Microsoft office app for iPads. The daily, which is the source of this buzz have put a picture of an iPad with Microsoft office app is opened and then rumor started to fire all over the world. According to The daily, Microsoft office app will be submitting to the approval by Apple and will be released in the coming weeks.

Replying to this story, Microsoft spokesperson said that the Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. However they have not yet denied about making an office package for iPads. Replying to the denial by Microsoft, Peter Ha, tech editor at The Daily, said that a Microsoft employee had demonstrated a version of the app on an iPad. “The launch screen may not be final, but the app itself is real,” Mr. Ha said. “We were told that the app was done and it was being tested internally.” However, with these rumors buzzing, we can hope for a Microsoft office package for iPads in this year.

Guild Wars 2 Limited Beta Test Begins

Guild Wars 2 screenshot
Hundreds of invited players and press from around the world will be logging into Guild Wars 2 for a beta test weekend of high adventure, exploration, in-depth personal stories, and teeth-rattling combat. We love playing our game as much as we love showing it off to our fellow gamers, so damn near everyone at ArenaNet will be logging in this weekend to play alongside our beta testers.
After this beta weekend we’re all going to have lots of great stories to tell about epic world vs world battles, hilarious NPC chatter, hidden wonders, narrow escapes, hard-fought victories, as well as moments of quiet awe in this magnificent handcrafted world.
Next week, media will be posting their observations and videos online, so prepare yourself for a flood of information and gameplay footage. In a Dev Update right here on the ArenaNet Blog, Lead Designer Eric Flannum will discuss some of the changes players experienced during this beta weekend event. Plus, we’ll have some very specific information about an upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta event – I guarantee you will not want to miss it!

Guild Wars 2: Beta testing videos