Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding the best DSLR for an amateur

If we look few years back, DSLR or SLR world is limited only for professional photographers. People like you and me would never think of buying a DSLR at that time due to the huge cost and complexity of the operation. But the time and technology has changed everything and today most of the people (cool ones like you and me) are going for DSLRs instead of compact cameras.

If you have decided to upgrade from a compact camera to a DSLR there would be so many questions you may have. Buying a good and suitable DSLR is not easy task and you’ll need little bit of understanding about professional photography terms, technologies, trends … etc. to select the best camera for you.

DSLR world is growing very fast and you will find number of DSLR manufacturers, brands as well as technologies in today’s market which offers thousands of new features. Therefore buying a new DSLR has become extreme difficult task. I was one of the victims of this and the most difficult thing for me was to understand which camera suits me most. I started writing this post to share my experience and give you some tips as well as some important factors which I found really useful when buying a DSLR after few years in touch with the photography world.

This is a continual attempt of providing a best buying guide for a DSLR mainly for amateurs. Please feel free to send your comments so I can improve this blog.

Here are some of the questions you may have right now with DSLR world. See whether they are useful!

Is Canon reaching the heights of Mega pixel war?

Canon Sensor
Canon Rumor told that there will be a development announcement of a high end DSLR from Canon. It seems that both 39 MP and 46 MP prototypes are among the candidates. If this will be a success in this year then Canon will be far ahead from Nikon where Nikons biggest achievement of this year, D800 will be with 36MP sensor.