Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta keys by getting part of the survey

Counter Strike, after giving 7000 keys to current CSS and CS 1.6 players and 200 keys to community sites has launched new key offering process.

You have to fill out the survey and after that will end up with a key. If you don’t fill it out, you won’t be getting a key.

Make sure to fill out the survey today; next week first selection from the survey will be announced.
Here is a link to the survey >>>>>
In more news, Counter strike team will also continue to give gift keys to active CS:GO beta players to share with their friends. Earning these keys is easy, hit quick match and play CS:GO.

Watch the Get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta preview

Ubuntu for Android - New era of computing begins

Ubuntu wallpaper, Ubuntu for Android
Did everyone see the news yesterday? It would have been easy enough to skip over the story, but Canonical announced its idea for bringing Ubuntu, and therefore Linux, to mobile devices (and we're talking proper Linux, not just Android). If you don't count Android (as most Linux users wouldn't), Linux is the last major desktop OS to make the transition to mobile. The strange thing is that with Ubuntu for Android, Canonical isn't exactly creating a mobile OS, just a way to easily transition from mobile to desktop and back. This sort of straddling the line has both its advantages and disadvantages, but still gives us a view of what the future holds for computing.

Canonical will be showing off the Ubuntu for Android software in full at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. Of course, we should have known that Linux makers wouldn't sit back and let Apple, Microsoft and Google take over the tablet space; and, we should have known that Ubuntu would be the first Linux distro to really push to make the leap. What we couldn't have seen coming was that Canonical would not only bring Ubuntu as a player to the game, but give us a sneak peek into the future of computing. And, we mean all computing, not just desktop or mobile. This is the future.