Saturday, September 15, 2012


Price is the main decisive factor when buying a DSLR. Basically there are three types of DSLRs in the market, Amateur DSLR, Mid-Range DSLR and Professional DSLR. You can identify the type of the camera by its product name and the price also tells what type of a camera it is.

Buying a DSLR is pretty different than buying a mobile phone or a laptop. Usually most expensive phone or laptop has the best configurations and super cool features. But story is different in DSLRs. In DSLR world most expensive cameras are the professional type ones. If you are very new to the field, don’t go behind most expensive cameras. Their operation is complex and you’ll need some knowledge before operating these alien machines.

If this is your first step in DSLR world, what suits you most is an amateur DSLR camera. You can buy an amateur type DSLR for comparatively lower price and you don’t need to have much knowledge in photography to operate this type of a camera.
Mid range DSLR are bit advanced than amateur type once but it’s suitable for a beginners as well. If you’d ask me what to buy, I’d say to buy a mid ranged DSLR because you can learn more and try out advanced photography techniques with these ones. Basically a mid range DSLR will be there with you longer time in your photography life than an amateur camera.

I’m not going to say many things about buying a professional DSLR because I’m also not there yet. If you know the field and need a professional DSLR, you should know what to buy better than me!

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