Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why you would need a DSLR instead of compact camera?

You might decide to go for a DSLR due to various reasons. Maybe your friend or colleague has DSLR and you saw some great pictures taken by them in Facebook or Flickr? Perhaps you might fed up with your pocket size compact camera and aiming for a big one in size??

Whatever the reason is, I recommend you to do a pre study before buying a DSLR just to check whether you really need one. Otherwise you can go for a SLR-like (bridge) cameras which has most of the capabilities of DSLR and most importantly very easy to use than a DSLR.

If you still reading this article, that means you are really interested in buying a DSLR rite? Then we’ll go for it. Actually buying a DSLR is one of the ‘best’ things happened in my life. I was in the photography field for many years with film cameras and it took very long time for me to switch to digital world. It took me very long time to search for a good DSLR and compare the features between each of them. Do you know what I ended up at last? After going through more than 10 different models, I choose Nikon D90 which was not so popular after three years of its release. I think I made the correct choice since none of the cameras I have used ever since weren’t able to satisfy me than my beauty. That’s my story with DSLR and now we’ll get into the business.

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